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Welcome to the TOXIC GAMING Clan Website.

If you want to join us first read the rules, which is visible in Navigation.
Then make a application, the design application you have shown in the forum.
Then we will shade your game (selection).
We hope that you enjoy the clan, and together we will create something great.
 » MAŁY SALOON (Call of Juarez Rap) [PL]
 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: November 11 2016 15:29:17 4 Comments 709 Reads Print
 » Call of Juarez Steam version for $2/2
 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: August 06 2016 17:12:51 Read More 0 Comments 743 Reads Print
 » Call of Juarez Custom Maps
Call of Juarez - Multiplayer Custom Maps

Cowboy's website where you can find and download all custom maps for Call of Juarez:

Click to go on website

Disclaimer: download these files at your own risk. All files have been obtained from different sources at different times. However - all the files have been carefully checked for viruses and malware. We are not responsible for any damage caused to anyone, but we will take all measures to such a possibility has been ruled out. Everything is fine. If you have any questions on installation - welcome to the forum in the appropriate section.

 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: July 29 2016 15:33:44 Read More 0 Comments 1113 Reads Print
 » Fail of Juarez Part 3 Made By Saphira
 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: December 06 2015 21:24:56 1 Comments 754 Reads Print
 » Razer Comms
Razer Comms is a comprehensive and integrated communication system designed for gamers.
The software has been created by Razer, which produces popular accessories to a computer.
Razer Comms is an advanced application for group voice calls using VoIP.

Razer Comms is characterized by an innovative and extremely simple graphical interface, rich functionality (Noise Reduction and elimination of other distortions during a call). It offers a clean and high quality sound (crystal clear VoIP) and built-in push-to-talk system streamlines communication between users.

In addition, Razer Cooms integrates with computer games and thanks to special coating lets you chat and talking with friends directly from within game. Users can easily create their own channels and invite friends.

 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: September 05 2015 10:32:56 Read More 1 Comments 403 Reads Print
 » Plywood Different Mods
Recent playing Call of Juarez came to my mind a plan, namely to glue the various mods available on the Internet in one piece to somehow diversify the game. From the top I write that the Mod is not entirely mine, and only some items are made by me, that will certainly notice.

The mod was made by Floyd, Doc.Holiday and BratBe. I will not write who did what, because it makes no sense to replace every part of the game that made one of the aforementioned persons.

I can tell you that mod replaces all the items in the game. It makes a really nice impression and can only thank three people who created it and spent their time on it.

Link to download mod you will find as always in the "DOWNLOAD"

 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: August 31 2015 13:48:30 Read More 2 Comments 591 Reads Print
 » Mod By Mlody
Our clan member Mlody decided to show off in front of us own mod created in 2012.
Mod replaces all weapons, menus and adds new music.

I revealed to you only the image of the game is loading screen to entice you to download,
evaluate and try their abilities in creating mods.

Link to download you can found as always in the "Download"

 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: August 27 2015 12:26:17 Read More 0 Comments 464 Reads Print
 » Overwolf
Overwolf is a program through which you will have direct access to your accounts on all popular social networking sites. It will allow you to instantly store and publish videos, screenshots, etc.

Overwolf offers a simple, intuitive interface, created by players who craved constant contact with the outside world, at a time playing computer games.

By clicking on the "Read more" which is under the current news go over to a written guide on how to use the overwolf and what are its various functions.

Overwolf program can be downloaded here: Link

 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: August 25 2015 15:06:11 Read More 2 Comments 881 Reads Print
 » Complete Comix Guns Mod
As you know or not know I became interested in the art of modeling weapons in Call of Juarez,
once it worse comes to me, and once there.

So I decided to make you my one little ugly mod for all weapons that are in the game.
Mod may not be very nice but although something.

In time I will be doing a clan mod for all weapons from our clan logo.
If only it finish that makes it available as this.

If you want to download Comix gun mod, I invite you to visit our "DOWNLOAD"

 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: August 20 2015 12:58:32 Read More 3 Comments 534 Reads Print
 » Server TG Call of Juarez
Toxic Gaming! As you know we have a private server platform GameRanger to be able to play them just download the program "GameRanger" with this here link: Click.

Walk under the videos shown at the bottom or click on the "Read more" appearing at the bottom on this article to enter into a written guide.

In case of problems write to me (Ozzy)

 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: July 29 2015 19:59:49 Read More 1 Comments 1787 Reads Print
 » TG Steam Communities
All members of the clan tG are required to join our official communities on Steam in order to avoid any complications with parties other players.

If you want to join the official group of clan tG click on the attachment here: Link

 Doda: Ozzy · Dnia: December 23 2014 11:12:15 Read More 1 Comments 538 Reads Print
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